About Twiglet and Crew's Place

The Online Store For Twiglet & Crew Sanctuary

This store has been opened to support a growing number of cats and dogs that we are looking after here in southern Italy. There is a real problem with unvaccinated, unneutered and unwanted animals here, and we just keep adding to the number that we look after. 

Because of the rampant level of disease that seems to affect a lot of these stray animals, we have already lost five (!) of our family: Earl, Opus, Rupert, Biscuit and Molly. Only Biscuit and Molly were old, dying of disease and kidney related problems; Earl was an estimated three, Opus about one and a half, Rupert only eleven months. Both Opus and Rupert were blind as a legacy of inherited disease. 

At the time of writing (October 2022) we have nine cats (three of them blind), three more 'esteemed visitor cats' that we feed, and seven dogs, with another four 'esteemed vicitors' that we feed. We expect that number to rise as dogs seem to get dumped nearby regularly, and we have even found some discarded in the rubbish bin. Leia, one of these, was about one day old when we found her in the bin, badly dehydrated and crying under blinding sunlight. Her brother Pubert lasted 48 hours before dying. 

Many friends have volunteered money to help, which was greatly appreciated. Others suggested we open a GoFund Me page to help with food and veterinary bills. However, we feel strange just asking for money, so this shop is the result. This way, we get the profit on each print-on-demand item, and the person buying gets something worthwhile (we hope).

It'll be a strange mixture of rock and animals...and whatever else strikes us as cool or funny. Hope you find something you like. 

These images of musicians are in NO WAY official, nor do they represent any kind of endorsement by these people or the bands they were from. They are designs I have made up of some of my personal heroes who are no longer with us.  

Because we've been asked, there is also the ability to donate money to help. Some already have, and all we can say, is thank you - it has made a world of difference to their day to day lives as well as medically.